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Coot 0.6 RELEASE!!

インストール方法は以前と変わらず、Vine 5.0にはCentOS4用のバイナリが使用可能でした。新機能は以下のようです。
  • User-defined clicks
  • SHELXL interfaces allows the user to modify the input before running the SHELXL executable
  • Now compatible with Zalman M220W (註:ウワサの立体視液晶画面)
  • Post-manipulation function hook added
  • "Sphere" (residue selection) refinement
  • function to (re-)calculate probe dots around a give point
  • monomer and residue selection dipoles
  • Interactive map sharpening
  • LINK bonds are are now represented
  • "Backrub rotamers" at low (2.7 or worse) resolution
  • Baton build parameters (e.g. "backwards") now have a GUI
  • Move waters to surround protein
  • rotate/translate zone by residue ranges
  • Rigid-body fit by residue ranges
  • Multi-select on reading coordinates is enabled
  • Immediate access to coordinates from CIF dictionaries that contain coordinates (no need for LIBCHECK in such cases)
  • Nudge-residue (bound to Ctrl-arrow keys)
  • A dialog has been added from map averaging
  • Rename residue
  • その他、改良点多数・・・


Home > Archives: December 2009



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