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ARP/wARP 7.1

ARP/wARP 7.1がリリースされたようです。主なCCP4BBによると変更点は以下の通り。
  • A prototype of the molecular graphics ARP/wARP front-end, allowing the display of molecules and electron densities.
  • A prototype version of the new module for building poly-nucleotides (DNA or RNA).
  • Improved and faster protein chain tracing with higher performance at lower resolution.
  • The loop building as well as helix/strand building are now also inherent parts of protein model building, resulting in enhanced model completeness.
  • Refinement procedures during automated model building have been enhanced in the new versions of our preferred refinement engine, REFMAC, notably including the implementation of 'conditional restraints'.
  • Direct use of experimental single-wavelength anomalous diffraction data (SAD) during model building is now also possible.
  • Improved performance of automated ligand building.
  • Supported computer platforms are Mac powerpc, Mac Intel and Linux (including 32 and 64-bit versions and itanium).
Merry Xmas!!


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