* PyMOL [#l84c64f7]
 |~開発元    |DeLano Scientific LLC          |
 |~最新版    |1.1 / 2008年7月                |
 |~最新版    |1.2 release-2 / 2009年10月     |
 |~対応OS    |Linux, Microsoft Windows, MacOS|
 |~種別      |Molecular visualization        |
 |~ライセンス|Open-Source PyMOL              |
 |~公式サイト|http://www.pymol.org/          |
 ** リリース [#u3afbf50]
 > Having provided free PyMOL executables to the world community for over five years, DeLano Scientific LLC must nowadays insist upon reciprocity from those who continue to rely upon our software compilation, maintenance, and support services. We have learned through experience that idealism has to be tempered by practicality. Simply put, if we do not recruit sufficient resources to the PyMOL project, then we will fail to achieve our long-term goals. Therefore, we now charge reasonable subscription fees for our ongoing efforts while continuing to make the open-source code freely available.
 > PyMOL is still FREE if you do your own compilation, maintenance, and support work.
 ** 関連ページ [#h1806649]
 - [[インストール>./インストール]]
 - PyMOLを使ってみよう
 ** 外部リンク [#ce15c64c]
 - [[PyMOL Community Wiki>http://pymolwiki.org/index.php/Main_Page]] -- PyMOL使い方Wiki
 - [[Obsolete PyMOL Manual>http://pymol.sourceforge.net/html/]] -- 2004年時点でのマニュアル(ver.0.93ぐらい)