* CCP4のプログラムリスト [#a6ee4a05]
 |~ACORN      |ab initio Phasing at Atomic Resolution|
 |~AMORE      |分子置換                              |
 |~ANISOANL   |Analyse anisotropic U parameters      |
 |~AREAIMOL   |溶媒との接触面積を計算する            |
 |~ARP/wARP   |自動モデリング                        |
 |~ASTEXVIEWER|?                                    |
 |~BAVERAGE   |Temperature Factor Analisys|
 |~BEAST      |Likelihoodベースの分子置換|
 |~BP3        |Multivariate likelihood substructure refinement and phasing|
 |~CAD        |MTZのマージ|
 |~CCP4MG     |CCP4 Molecular Graphiscs。お絵かき|
 |~CHAINSAW   |Create MR search model。分子置換のモデルの配列を置き換える。MrBUMPでも使われる。|
 |~COMBAT     |スケール前のデータのインポート。DENZOのYork形式の変換に使う。|
 |~CONTACT    |Compute contacts in protein structures|
 |~COORDCONV  |Convert coordinate file format|
 |~CRANK      |Automated structure solution package|
 |~DETWIN     |Treat twinned data|
 |~DM         |Density modification|
 |~DTREK2MTZ  |DENZOまたはd*trekのスケール前データをインポートできるらしい。|
 |~ECALC      |Prepare and/or normalise reflection data for experimental phasing programs|
 |~F2MTZ      |Convert reflection file to MTZ format|
 |~FFFEAR     |Fast Fourier Feature Recognition for density fitting|
 |~FFJOIN     |Merge model fragments obtained from FFFEAR|
 |~FFT        |電子密度図を描く|
 |~FREERFLAG  |FreeRフラッグをたてる。Convert to/modify/extend MTZ|
 |~LSQKAB     |分子の重ね合わせ|
 |~MAPMASK|Edit/Rotate Map & Mask|
 |~MAPROT     |Cutting out density. Cut density from a map for use in molecular replacement search|
 |~MAPROT     |For averaging. Map averaging|
 |~MAPROT     |Interpolation & rotation. Edit/Rotate Map & Mask|
 |~MATTHEWS   |溶媒含量の計算|
 |~MLPHARE    |Refine heavy atom positions|
 |~MODELLER   |Edit protein structure|
 |~MOLREP     |分子置換|
 |~MOSFLM     |回折イメージの積分|
 |~NCONT      |Compute contacts in protein structures|
 |~NCSREF     |NCS Phased Refinement|
 |~NCSMASK    |Create & edit mask|
 |~NPO        |→PATTERSON|
 |~OASIS      |Direct methods procedure to break OAS/SIR phase ambiguity|
 |~OVERLAPMAP |Map correlation|
 |~PDBCUR     |Edit PDB file|
 |~PDBSET     |PDBファイルフォーマットの編集|
 |~PHASER     |分子置換|
 |~PHISTATS   |Analysis of phase set agreement|
 |~PIRATE     |Phase improvement|
 |~PISA       |Protein Interfaces, Surfaces and Assemblies(ウェブサービス)|
 |~PROCHECK   |タンパク構造の検証|
 |~PROFESS    |Search for NCS in substructure|
 |~RANTAN     |Direct methods|
 |~RABATCH    |Sort/Reindex MTZ files|
 |~REFMAC5    |モデル精密化|